Vecchio, diranno che sei vecchio.

The music industry needs to scale back. EMI lays off 2,000 people, and I’m like, how can they even employ 2,000 people to begin with? I’m sure I’m being a little naïve there, but the fact remains: recording is inexpensive, distribution is inexpensive, you don’t need to know about inventory…all a record label really needs to concern itself with is pure marketing. Even that is something that is relatively inexpensive. Sure, you also need to take into consideration that people can burn CDs, and that they can get music for free off the Internet. Butif you don’t freak out, if you build into your projections there’s going to be a certain amount of free downloading, and there’s going to be some free CD-burning, and don’t spend too much money, and work with good artists, you’ll be OK. Also, we’ve been doing this 20 years, and I’d like to think that the Sub Pop name means something.

Jonathan Poneman, co-fondatore e co-proprietario della Sub Pop, da un articolo retrospettiva di Mr. True scaricabile da qui in Pdf, per voi reduci con simpatia.



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